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The latest development in technology has made it easy to disseminate education to students all across the globe via the internet. This ability to study online and gain the required knowledge as well as expertise has helped numerous students across the globe to further their career and better their job prospects.

While there are many degree as well as certificate courses online, very few courses actually dish out certificates to their students. Such courses for certificate are offered by leading universities and are extremely useful for students looking to add weightage to their educational qualifications. These free certificate courses are also ideal for students who are unable to attend college due to financial limitations but have the inclination to learn more.

Importance of Online Certificate Courses

There are a number of providers of online courses who put together university course materials in form of videos, texts, lectures and interactive classrooms. These courses are free and open for anyone interested. Such courses have revolutionized learning and millions of students are benefitting from them.

These online courses are appropriate for students from low income places who cannot otherwise afford specialized courses from top notch world universities can benefit from the free courses online. Furthermore, these courses are also good for those who are already doing a job but do not have the time to attend college. These courses are also taken up by students pursuing other fields or by housewives who wish to increase their skill levels.

Free Online Courses With Certificates

While there are a number of free online courses’ platforms, some of the best ones which offer certificates are listed below:


Harvard University in collaboration with edX offers a range of free online courses to students in a variety of subjects. The courses can be taken up by students and upon their completion they receive a verified certificate for a small fee. Right from Science to arts to Humanities, this platform offers courses in many streams. You can take the course at your pace; there is no pressure to complete it in a set amount of time. The classroom is open 24X7 and thus you can address your issues whenever you want. Once done, you receive a verified certificate. You can have a look at some of their top free courses here.

For more information please visit  HarvardX



Yale Online

The famous Yale University has taken up dedicated online learning initiatives by launching Yale Online. It constitutes of learning resources made available to students wanting to learn online. Under the online education, there are both, for credit as well as free online courses. Some of the free courses do not offer certification while others do. Go through the free courses to identify which courses offer a certification and which don’t.

For more information please visit Yale Online




ed2go has been the industry leader in online learning for over ten years. We provide the highest-quality online continuing education courses that are affordable and easy to use and are delivered through a network of over 2,100 top colleges and universities.

For more information please visit Engaging student discussion areas




They offer standard-based certified courses in a range of subjects. These courses are free of charge and they all provide high quality resources to finish the courses. Firstly you identify the courses you want to study by going through their list of courses and get enrolled. Once you commence the course, you will get all the relevant information and resources to study the course after which assessment will be carried out. Once you have completed the course, you can either download a certificate or in case of something official, you can request for a certificate.

For more information please visit  Alisona




On this web portal students will get a chance to explore a number of courses ranging in many subjects. Firstly, you must make an account or sign up using Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account. There are a total of 49 courses which are available for pursuing free of cost. Once you have chosen the course you want to pursue, you will be intimidated regarding its commencement. You can follow it and do the assessments as instructed. Every course here is divided into 4 modules, each to be studied in a course of a week. Every module is further divided into 10 topics and at the end of every topic; students have to give a multiple-choice question paper which will test their understanding of the topic. At the end of every module, assessment will be carried out. Once the course finishes, students can download the certificate of achievement.

For more information please visit  Open2Study




This platform provides access to free online courses developed by top notch universities across the globe. There are hundreds of courses to choose from, all developed by leading universities. The courses have no eligibility criteria and are open to all for free. There are video lectures quizzes and peer assessments so that students get a thorough understanding of the course. After finishing the course students can go for option Verified Certificate.

For more information please visit Explore 1600+ online courses from top universities. Join Coursera today to learn data science, programming, business strategy, and more.




Udacity is another famous online platform that offers certificate courses to students for free.  The courses are developed by industry giants and thus the course material is relevant to the current trends. Students will come across courses developed by stalwarts such as Google, Facebook and at&t etc. The one thing that sets the Udacity courses apart from others is that not only are the courses developed by leading educational institutes but inputs are also given by industry experts. After successfully completing the final course project, students will have live exit interview and based on that students receive an official Udacity verified certificate.

For more information please visit Udacity



Microsoft Press Store

Microsoft Press is a division of Microsoft Corporation.

For over 30 years, Microsoft Press has helped IT professionals, developers, and home and office users of all experience levels hone their technical skills and knowledge.

Books, multi-format eBooks, and online content deliver valuable information for readers to learn at their own pace, be more productive, and work towards career advancement. Microsoft Press resources cover Microsoft technologies, programming best practices, certifications, timesaving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and advice — all written by today’s industry experts.

For more information please  Visit



Future Learn

They offer a diverse selection of courses developed by leading universities from across the globe. The courses are available online and can be accessed from any place. Students will have to first go through the courses provided by the platform and choose the one that they wish to study. Once enrolled, the courses are divided into weeks and they contain a number of activities which must be finished within that week. Students are provided with necessary resources such as audio, video, articles and quizzes. All these resources have margins at the side wherein you can comment about your doubts or ask the professor for their guidance. Once students finish it, it can be marked complete to move to the next topic. Regularly students are also given a discussion topic so that they can interact amongst themselves virtually and come up with new ideas. Assignments are also given for most courses to judge whether the students have understood the concept. At the end of the course students can purchase Statement of Participation. In some courses and invigilated exam can also given based on which students receive Statement of Attainment.

For more information please visit  Future Learn



myPEARSONstore Affiliates

The primary mission of is to help people of all ages learn more so they can live better. In bringing together the world’s best-known and respected academic and technical publishers, Pearson offers the vast experience and dependable content that builds a strong foundation for excellence in teaching and learning.

For more information please visit




National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) is an initiative by IIT and IISc wherein online courses and certification is provided to students. The courses are free for all and the certification at the end of the course is provided for a nominal fee, after successfully passing the certification exam. This project is funded by the Government of India and is a very reputed one. Students must register first and then choose the course of their choice of which further details will be given only after logging in.

For more information please visit  NPTEL



Pearson Education (Peachpit)

Peachpit publishes books on the latest in graphic design, desktop publishing, multimedia, Web design and development, & digital video. Peachpit also has several digital product offerings, such as eBooks and online video.

The Pearson Technology Group (PTG) is the most respected publisher of computer, technology and business books and digital products available offering resources for computer professionals and users at all levels of knowledge and experience.

For more information please  Visit




This platform provides a high number of educational resources for students across the globe. The courses vary in length and the type. The Badged Open Courses provide a free badge to students upon successful completion of the course, as a testimonial that the student had taken up the course and has completed in successfully. Students will also be able to download a Statement of Participation upon course completion.

For more information please visit  OpenLearn


Pearson Education (InformIT)

InformIT is home to technology publishers Addison-Wesley Professional, Cisco Press, IBM Press, Pearson Certification, Prentice Hall Professional, QUE & Sams. We publish the top books, eBooks, & video from the creators, innovators & leaders of technology.

For more information please visit AW Signature Series



This is a non-profit, fully online academy which offers a wide range of courses for students to choose from. Students are at the liberty to start the course at any time and work through it in their own pace. Once the course has been completed, students earn certificates that prove that they have successfully completed the course. Furthermore, in some courses, students can even earn college credits which can be transferred to the accredited college partners.

For more information please visit  Saylor




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